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Reignite is all about creating authentic music. Reignite is also about music that is co-created by life-time friends from different sides of the Atlantic: Woburn (Massachusetts, USA) and Stockholm (Sweden). Collaborating online, Edwin and Menno are passionate about music and lyrics that move and ignite listeners. That is what they want to share with the world.  Reignite’s characteristic sound has been described as “emotive yet energizing” with “gratitude driven lyrics”.


Edwin and Menno both share a lifestyle where a “normal” demanding job and a lively family-life is integrated with wholeheartedly investing time, passion and energy in their local churches as worship leaders. Therefore, Reignite’s music is grounded in decades-long service in their churches and staying faithful to their family and friends. Their lives have not been without hardships and neither have they been without true joy. In the midst of these paradoxes, they seek to create music which will encourage, comfort, challenge and steer listeners to living life to the fullest and close with the Creator and source of life. 


Reignite's first EP titled "Sounds of Grace", was released on August 27th, 2021 and since then a number of new songs have been released that can be accessed through the Songs page. You can also check that page regularly for newly released songs OR even better, you can Subscribe to us on Spotify, YouTube or other streaming platforms.

We may be able to perform live in some context in the future. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us in case of any question, suggestion or request.

"Leading with organic folk-pop vibes and intimate, upfront vocal melodies, Christian duo Reignite rise up into soft-rock territories throughout this emotive yet energising new EP of originals." - Stereo Stickman. Read full review